Blogs and Forums

Collect media data from blogs and forums all over the world with flexible APIs and world class search engines.

Live Feed and Search Engine

Keep track of updates from millions of online blogs and forums. We offer you easily integrated APIs that gives access to social data from all relevant sources, around the globe.

Blog Livefeed API

How do you keep track of all the bloggers out there? With the best blog coverage in the world, that’s how. The Blog APIs gives you access to 1 million blog posts per day, in 56 different languages. You can expect:

  • Continuous real-time stream of blog data
  • To choose one or several languages
  • 4000 new active blogs every day – add even more yourself
  • The option to backfill support if you need to do maintenance

Blog Search API

Get access to a world class blog search engine, where you can search 12 months back in time (or back to 2006, if needed). We even rank the blogs for you, just like Google ranks their search results. You can expect:

  • The option to search for both words and tags
  • Instant search results in XML
  • To combine and refine your query with your query language
  • 56 different languages

Forum Search API

Forums are a vital part of social media conversations online. Whether you’re interested in niche discussions or more broad subjects, we’ve got you covered. Search among 10 million forum posts per day from +9000 forums. You can expect:

  • To search by keyword, language, or country
  • Instant search results in JSON
  • 12 months of historical data
  • 84 different languages

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Product details

To be able to retrieve data through the API, an API key issued by Opoint must be used. The API key then grants access to blog and forum data for one or more languages. Contact us for a free trial.

Blog Livefeed API

The Blog Livefeed API is an HTTP-based API used for receiving a continuous real-time stream of blog data. 

Blog Search API

The Blog Search API is a commercial XML over HTTP API that enables machine access to the blog search index. Currently, the last 12 months of data are searchable through the API. We also offer historical data on request. 

Forum Search API

The Forum Search API is a commercial JSON over HTTP API that enables machine access to the forum search index. Currently, the last 12 months of data are searchable through the API.

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Do you want a free trial of the Blogs & Forum APIs, or are you interested to know more about them? Please contact us for a chat.