Search API

Our Search API is the easiest way to set up customized search queries for global online news.

Get relevant news when it happens

Our Search API keeps you updated on your topics of choice. By use of Boolean operators you can set up an unlimited number of news streams for yourself or your customers. This is particularly useful if you want to avoid large quantities of data and you know exactly which kind of news you are looking for.

Search API for AI and machine learning

Improve your algorithms or AI models by setting up customised search queries that gives you a live stream of content on any subject of interest. All articles are delivered with various types of metadata, including timestamps, web traffic details, and source information.

Search API for media monitoring

Avoid receiving, indexing and storing thousands or millions of articles every day. Our Search API enables you to set up customised search queries that eliminate the noise and deliver only what is relevant for each of your individual end clients. You can add new queries directly through the API and modify them as often as you like.

Search API for CRM Platforms

Set up customised search queries and keep your platform updated with the latest relevant news about any organisation or industry worldwide.

Search API for Compliance

Integrate the world’s largest adverse media feed into your platform with our sophisticated search API. Choose to pull content on demand or receive a push of the relevant content, however you need news content, we have a suitable delivery option.

Search API for Trading

Integrate 230,000 sources and nearly 9 billion articles into your platform, systems or workflow using the Opoint Search API. Receive valuable breaking news, conduct detailed research, or extract critical signals.

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Product Details

Set up customised queries and receive the news in a structured, machine-readable format. We run the queries continuously to make sure that the news is delivered to you the moment we find it. Besides keywords, you can granulate the content by preselecting certain countries, languages or media types to ensure that you receive precisely what you need. If you need help building your searches, our support staff will be happy to assist you.

Delivery formats

We ensure that all articles are delivered in a structured and machine-readable API feed, making it easy to integrate into any type of application. The feed is available in XML and JSON format, and the news is always streamed to you in real-time.

Monthly Visitor Data

We have teamed up with SimilarWeb, the most trusted source of web traffic statistics, to add Monthly Visitors to each of our sources. The number of visits to a website is an invaluable indicator of relevance when searching through global news content.

Readership Data

Opoint’s unique readership data shows the potential number of readers of any web article. We compare web traffic data for each individual site with the average article lifespan on that site to calculate the probability that an article will be visible to each unique visitor. 

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