Intelligence Amplified: Comintelli’s Leap in Market Dominance

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For over 20 years, Comintelli has led the way in Market & Competitive Intelligence (M&CI). Their platform, Intelligence2day®, is recognised internationally for its effectiveness in delivering market insights.

Known for its innovative AI-assisted tools, Comintelli helps businesses make informed decisions. Their SaaS solution is a key player in M&CI, built by experts and consistently top-ranked.

The field of Market & Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) is swiftly evolving, and professionals are in constant pursuit of cutting-edge tools that provide swift insights and facilitate informed business decisions.

When Comintelli needed to integrate a comprehensive news service, they chose Opoint for its fast, quality news data. Our collaboration aimed to enhance Comintelli’s range of products and services and bolster its position in the market.

Challenges and Objectives

Comintelli, despite its established position in the M&CI market, recognised the need to evolve its service offerings to meet changing customer expectations. They sought to integrate a news aggregation service that could offer global coverage and quality sources without overwhelming users with information overload.

The objective was clear: to find a service that aligned with their high standards for quality, relevance, and adaptability.

The Solution

To elevate their Intelligence2day® platform with integrated news content, Comintelli harnessed the flexibility and quality of Opoint’s Search API. This integration facilitated the creation of two innovative services tailored to their client’s needs:

Developed by Comintelli, this service streamlines the start-up process and provides clients with curated news feeds, focusing on industry-specific content from carefully chosen, relevant sources.

Also created by Comintelli, this feature allows clients to construct custom search queries utilising Opoint’s comprehensive source pool, enabling highly personalised news feeds.

Through these Comintelli-crafted services, leveraging Opoint’s robust API, the company successfully met diverse customer needs, enhancing user experience with both breadth and depth in content curation.


After integrating Opoint’s services, Comintelli saw a notable enhancement in its offerings. The strategic decision to prioritise quality and relevance of content over sheer volume proved beneficial. 

Key outcomes included:

Customer Acquisition: The ability to offer integrated news content was instrumental in acquiring new clients who expected comprehensive market intelligence solutions.

Market Positioning: Comintelli strengthened its position as a market leader by delivering a more complete and streamlined intelligence platform.

Client Satisfaction: Feedback from users highlighted the value of having access to tailored, relevant news content, directly within the Intelligence2day® platform.

You shouldn't get fixated on the number of sources when choosing a solution — quality trumps quantity. It's about finding the relevant, credible sources that truly matter, not just a massive volume that can lead to information overload.

Jesper Martell, CEO Comintelli

Client's Perspective

The collaborative journey between Comintelli and Opoint is a testament to a shared dedication to service excellence and innovation. Jesper Martell, the CEO of Comintelli points out the synergistic business cultures, praising Opoint’s adaptability and customer-oriented approach.

The partnership has been marked by a keen willingness on Opoint’s part to understand and meet Comintelli’s unique technical needs, leading to a successful integration into their Intelligence2day® platform.

The Opoint Solutions Team earned particular acclaim for their swift and insightful responses, facilitating a dynamic exchange that continually refines and optimises the service offering. Comintelli’s confidence in Opoint has been bolstered by this ongoing support, reinforcing the decision to choose Opoint as their news aggregation partner.


Comintelli’s strategic partnership with Opoint has positioned them for future growth. By incorporating Opoint’s news aggregation into its Intelligence2day® platform, Comintelli has enhanced its competitive edge in the M&CI sector.

The benefits are clear: expanded customer base, reinforced market leadership, and a service that aligns with the evolving expectations of intelligence professionals. The successful collaboration between Comintelli and Opoint underscores the importance of selecting a news data partner that prioritises quality, relevance, and customer-centric solutions.

For an in-depth exploration of the strategies and insights discussed in our case study, we invite you to watch a collaborative webinar. Dive deeper into the world of competitive intelligence with our experts by visiting Comintelli’s CI Webinar. This session will expand on the practical applications and benefits of the data solutions that have driven success for our clients.

Are you looking to enhance your Market & Competitive Intelligence capabilities? Discover how Opoint’s tailored news data services can elevate your platform, just as we did for Comintelli. Connect with us to explore a partnership that understands your needs and delivers results. Let’s create your success story!


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