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We turn global online news into structured, machine-readable data

Expand the scope of your tools, services and systems by accessing the world’s most comprehensive real-time news feed or data to empower your AI models and advanced analytics.

Global news data

With our quality, we can significantly improve your coverage of global news data. Sources can be added upon request.

Easy data integration

You receive the news and matching metadata in a machine-readable format, which is easy to integrate into your own system.

Instant delivery

Faster than the largest providers in the industry, Opoint delivers the news only moments after it is published. 8 minutes is the average time it takes for us to deliver an article after it’s published.

We are a global leader
in online news crawling

News sites crawled every day
Countries covered worldwide
Articles found on an average day

How it works

Opoint collects news from every corner of the web and turns it into clean and organized data feeds. We enrich the news from more than 230,000 news sites with useful metadata and deliver it to you in a machine-readable format. If your application depends on real-time news content, this is the feed you are looking for.

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Our products

We extract news data from every corner of the world wide web and deliver it as uniform, structured data feeds. Access our news data in our Portal, search in our archive and use our tools to set up advanced search queries for important topics. We have a flexible system with solutions for all.

News Feed

Get our structured, reliable news data feed with content from more than 230,000 news sites worldwide.

Media Portal

Monitor news and easily set up search queries. Search, statistics, reports; our Portal has all the functionality you need.

Search API

Set up customized queries and receive the news in a structured, machine-readable format.

NEWTON Media Group has been cooperating with Opoint for more than 4 years. Opoint’s service helps us to cover online media for our international as well as local clients from the CEE and SEE region. What we really value is Opoint’s individual support. They are always ready to listen to our needs and the needs of our clients.

Lucie Geislerová, CBDO, NEWTON Media Group

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