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Drawing on its storied history since 1866, Ritzaus Bureau has been a cornerstone of Danish journalism, distinguished by its comprehensive news coverage and commitment to integrity. As Denmark’s primary news agency, Ritzaus excels in delivering timely and accurate information, essential for the media landscape.

Renowned for its innovative use of technology, Ritzaus Bureau employs sophisticated digital tools to streamline news distribution and ensure wide-reaching impact. Their efforts in enhancing content visibility and monitoring usage exemplify their leadership in adapting to the dynamic needs of modern media consumption.

Ritzaus Bureau produces about 11,000 news articles every month. These articles are shared in many newspapers and online platforms. To make sure each article is used effectively, a system is needed to monitor and manage them. 


The team at Ritzaus Bureau needed a more refined way to oversee their content’s journey across the internet. Their goals included:

  • Making sure their content reaches the right audience.
  • Detecting any unauthorised use of their articles.
  • Improving how they delivered content to enhance user satisfaction.

The Solution

After testing different options, Ritzaus Bureau chose Opoint’s tracking product. Opoint stood out because of its:

  • Comprehensive access to rights-managed content across Denmark.
  • Cutting-edge technology for real-time text comparison.


Opoint’s solution was integrated smoothly with Ritzaus’ systems. It allowed them to:

  • Track their content in real-time on over 235,000 global news websites.
  • Boost their content management system to support better decision-making.

We work a lot with metrics at Ritzau, and the tracking product is an important part of this. Ensuring good journalism is, of course, important, and with Opoint's solution, it is possible to see how much of our content is used, where it is placed on the website, and how long the article is promoted.

Line Jakobsen, Head of News and Director at Ritzaus Bureau


The implementation of Opoint’s tracking product marked a transformative shift in how Ritzaus Bureau manages their content. By employing this advanced tool, the agency achieved enhanced visibility into the usage and distribution of their articles. This provided them with valuable insights. These observations have played a key role in enhancing how they deliver content and engaging users, ultimately maximising the effectiveness of their journalistic efforts.


The tracking tool is now a crucial component of Ritzaus Bureau’s business intelligence arsenal, providing a deeper look into how content is used and placed online, improving copyright management, and offering valuable data for making strategic decisions.

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