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Why Opoint Technology?

The focus of Opoint technology has always been on delivering fast and qualitative web news and we are now world leading in media monitoring industry, if counted volume wise. 

What sets us apart from other service providers in the market is the ability to crawl both paywall sites and galleries, the speed, the source coverage and the technical flexibility.

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Web Feeds

Opoint Technology is one of the leading companies in global web monitoring. We deliver content and technology solutions to media monitoring providers in Europe, USA, APAC and Russia. We are well known for our extensive experience.

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White Label and App

We offer the tools you need to keep a complete overview of the daily news coverage, or to research in historical data. Both in our app and via desktop, you are able to create new search profiles and view statistics.

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Technology Solutions

Our expertise in the industry has resulted in various customized solutions, based on the needs of our partners.

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About Us

Opoint Technology, part of Infomedia, is the world’s leading provider of technology solutions and web content to other media monitoring companies. We have a strong self-developed technological platform, and are a leading player in the international market.


Infomedia A/S is a media intelligence company, who is leading in media monitoring and media analysis across print, web, broadcast and social media in the Nordics. As a market leader our vision is to set new standards for companies’ ability to make qualified decisions based on insights into their communication across channels.


Infomedia is located in Copenhagen and has offices in Oslo and Stockholm, a development team in St. Petersburg and a production team in Chennai, India. The company was established in 2003 and is owned 50/50 by the two Danish media companies JP/Politiken and Berlingske Media.