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Sentiment Analysis

Your Key to Informed Decisions

In a world drowning in data, what sets you apart is the ability to find and act on meaningful insights. That’s where Opoint’s Automated Sentiment comes in. With our real-time sentiment analysis, you gain immediate access to actionable, enriched web data.

Automated Sentiment: A Multilingual Marvel

Sentiment Analysis is the tool that allows you to cut through the clutter of articles and web content, categorising them into clean, distinguishable segments of positive, negative, and neutral sentiment. This enables you to focus on what truly matters for your media monitoring needs.

Get the Full Story

Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of public sentiment.

Trend Identification

Spot emerging trends or potential crises before they escalate.

Competitive Analysis

Understand how you stack up against the competition in real-time.

Features That Empower You

Precision-Driven: Rely on our proprietary algorithm for a 70% accuracy rate and dependable sentiment insights.

Global Linguistic Coverage: Seamlessly analyse sentiment in English, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian — with more languages on the horizon. Please note that sentiment analysis is currently available for English-language sites with the highest global rank.

Real-Time Intelligence: Access immediate sentiment evaluations for agile, data-driven decisions.

Seamless Connectivity: Integrate effortlessly into all Opoint products.

Future-Proof Scalability: Benefit from our ongoing enhancements to deliver increasingly comprehensive data sets.

The Opoint Difference

Quality & Quantity: We sift through over 3 million articles daily from more than 230,000 sources, ensuring you get the cream of the crop.

Tailored to Your Needs: Our flexible engagement models adapt to your requirements.

Unparalleled Speed: With an average delivery time of just minutes post-publication, we make sure you’re always ahead of the curve.

Your Questions, Answered

Automated Sentiment utilises a proprietary algorithm developed in collaboration with Infomedia to analyse articles in English, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. The algorithm categorises the sentiment of each article as Positive, Neutral, or Negative and provides a nuanced sentiment score between 0 and 1, with an approximate accuracy rate of 70%. 

Absolutely. We prioritise accuracy and quality, ensuring you receive only the most reliable insights. 

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