News Archive

Build your insights on a solid foundation.

Vast amounts of news data for AI training purposes

Access more than 20 years of structured historical news data in one of the largest online media archives in the world. By use of advanced filters we can help you find exactly the data you are looking for to improve upon your AI model.

News Archive for AI and machine learning

Improve your algorithms or AI models by building upon a large archive of structured news data complete with various types of metadata, including timestamps, web traffic details, geographical tags and source information.

News Archive for Compliance

Search our archive of adverse media for historic compliance issues in KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti Money Laundring) and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governmental). With nearly 9 billion articles going back in time, there is no more complete source of Adverse Media.

News Archive for Trading

Prove your quant & algo trading strategies using the Opoint news archive. We provide access to nearly 9 billion news articles from over 211,000 curated sources, all in a consistent machine-readable format. There is no better source of tradeable news.

News Archive for market research

Dive into billions of news articles to learn what triggers change and disrupts a market. Plan your product launches or strategic initiatives by studying the effects of similar events in the past.

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Product Details

Our News Archive dates back to 2001 and contains news from every part of the world. We can help you create precise searches to pinpoint relevant news items, or you can choose to perform your own searches in the complete dataset.

We deliver a list of links to compressed files that contain exactly the segments you need in XML or JSON format. The rest is up to you.

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