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Get our structured, reliable news data feed with content from over 230,000 online news sites worldwide.

Build your business on our global news data feed

We are the preferred provider of online news data to many of the largest companies in the media monitoring industry. Opoint provides a structuredreliable data feed with content from more than 230,000 news websites worldwide. See for yourself here.

If your main task is to deliver real-time updates and insights to your customers, you can rely on us to provide the foundation you need.

Online news data for AI and Machine Learning

Improve your own data algorithms or artificial models by tapping into a live stream of news content delivered with various types of metadata, including timestamps, web traffic details, and source information.

Online news data for Media Monitoring

Deliver insights and real-time updates or alerts to your customers by hooking on directly to our online news data feed. The news is provided to you as soon as we find it, which enables you to implement the content in any application imaginable, using your own local queries to filter and distribute the news.

Online news data for Compliance

Enhance your due diligence effort with the most complete feed of adverse media on the market. Our news feed captures adverse media from over 230,000 curated news sources from all around the world.

Online news data for Reputational Risk

Track negative news exposure across up to 4 million content pieces daily. Leverage our capability to construct real-time alerts and keep your organisation aware of emerging reputational and operational threats within minutes of a story surfacing online.

Online news data for Trading

Boost your trading performance with the most up to date news feed and use our metrics to extract valuable signals. We have methods to extract trading- and ESG signals from text and metrics.

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Product Details

Thanks to our leading-edge technology we are able to crawl, index, and stream millions of news articles every day. You can granulate the content by preselecting certain countries, languages, media types or Topics and Enteties to ensure that you get precisely what you need. Supporting metadata – such as web traffic and Readership – can be easily added to each article.

Delivery formats

We ensure that all articles are delivered in a structured and machine-readable API feed, making it easy to integrate into any type of application. The feed is available in XML and JSON format, and the news is always streamed to you in real-time.

Topics & Entities

We have teamed up with a tech company to help extract Topics and named Entities from news articles in real-time. The topics and entities are delivered as metatags along with the corresponding articles in your Opoint news feed. We use IPTC standard.


Opoint’s unique readership data shows the potential number of readers of any web article. We compare web traffic data for each individual site with the average article lifespan on that site to calculate the probability that an article will be visible to each unique visitor. 

Read more about our readership data

Web traffic data from SimilarWeb – such as Monthly Unique Visitors, Pages per Visit, and Rank – can be added to any news feed from Opoint. Download more information about our readership data.

Read more about our web traffic data

Web traffic data such as Monthly Unique Visitors, Pages per Visit, and Rank can be added to any news feed from Opoint. Download more information.

Read more about our topics and entities data

Opoint filters the news and lets you detect unseen patterns in news data. Download this document to find how we extract topics and named entities from news articles in real-time.

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