News Portal

The all-in-one digital tool for media monitoring and research.

Set up your own news search queries in minutes

Our global news portal makes it easy to set up your own search queries and edit your existing ones. You can add new queries in a few easy steps and start receiving the relevant news immediately. It is essentially a user-friendly frontend for our StoredSearch API.

News portal for AI & machine learning

Improve your own algorithms or AI models by setting up customised search queries that gives you a live stream of content on any subject of interest. All articles are delivered with various types of metadata, including timestamps, Readership and source information.

News portal for Media Monitoring

Set up news queries in just a few minutes. The news feed will begin as soon as you complete the setup.

News portal for Adverse Media

Set up your Opoint Portal to keep track of all relevant negative news exposure. Whether you’re in Compliance (KYC, AML, ESG), Reputational Risk, Licensee, Trading or something else, we have settings and filtering options to customize the feed to your requirements.

News portal for Market research

Follow the latest trends in any market of interest by setting up keyword-specific searches. You can filter the searches in multiple ways by choosing countries, languages or key news sources.

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Product Details

The Opoint News Portal is an all-in-one media monitoring tool. Search through the Media Archive and dive into trends and agendas or set up Profiles to monitor certain keywords around the clock. The News Portal serves as a frontend tool for our StoredSearch API, which means that you can manage and edit all your StoredSearches and set up new alerts and feeds from here. Furthermore, you have the possibility to create and export reports in various different formats (HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, .doc and .ppt).

The News Portal can be expanded with the Statistics module, which gives you a better overview of large quantities of data. The tool will automatically detect which categories are most relevant for your dataset and present it in a customizable dashboard. All graphs can be exported in SVG or PNG format.

The content can be delivered in XML or JSON format, either via push or pull, through API or to your FTP server. The data is pre-filtered and structured, and supporting metadata – such as author, language and estimated readership – can easily be added to each article.

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