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Your Gateway to Targeted News Intelligence

Access online news efficiently with Opoint’s News Feeds. Our cutting-edge services – SafeFeed and StoredSearch – deliver precisely the news you need, exactly when you need it, aiding in enhanced analytics, vigilant media monitoring and informed decision-making.


The Gold Standard in News Feeds

SafeFeed offers a machine-readable stream from over 235,000 global sources, allowing you to fetch large feeds of articles and metadata in a simple manner. Designed for seamless integration, it’s like having a dedicated newsroom that speaks directly to your analytics and monitoring tools. 


Tailored News Feed

StoredSearch caters to your specific news needs. Simply set your criteria, and its advanced engine swiftly delivers relevant articles almost as soon as they’re published. This service filters through the media to provide a tailored feed that integrates seamlessly with your tools, giving you a real-time feed of newly found articles matching your registered searches.


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Key Advantages

Relevant News Instantly

Eliminate the noise and get straight to the news that matters to you, saving you time and effort.

Hassle-Free Integration

Easily blend SafeFeed and StoredSearch with your existing systems, minimising technical hurdles.

Gain deeper insights with enriched metadata, enabling better understanding and smarter decision-making.

Features of SafeFeed

  • Precision Coverage: Broaden your horizon with news from an extensive range of sources.
  • Metadata That Matters: Enrich your insights with valuable metadata like Readership and Topics & Entities.
  • Customisable Feed: Tailor your feed by country, language, and topics of interest.

Real-World Applications of SafeFeed

  • Media Monitoring: Track multiple brands across various languages and channels in real time.
  • AI: Enhance your algorithms with advanced data.
  • Compliance: Ease due diligence with a comprehensive adverse media feed.
  • Risk Management: Stay alert with real-time news that could affect your reputation.
  • Trading: Keep a finger on the pulse of market trends with breaking news and insights.

Features of StoredSearch

  • Custom-Tailored Searches: Define your criteria for a perfect match.
  • Instant Updates: Stay updated almost the moment news is published.
  • One Feed, Multiple Angles: Register multiple searches, receive consolidated results.

Real-World Applications of StoredSearch

  • Brand Monitoring: Maintain a vigilant watch on your brand mentions and discussions.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Stay ahead with real-time monitoring of competitor activities.
  • Event Tracking: Never miss a beat on events or trends crucial to your business.
  • Risk Management: Receive prompt alerts on news affecting your operations or reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

SafeFeed is a product offered by Opoint that provides real-time global news data with comprehensive coverage. It delivers news and matching metadata in a machine-readable format, making it easy to integrate into your system. 

The full feed contains around 4,000,000 articles a day. If you do not have the capacity to ingest and handle this number of articles, the feed can be configured to contain just the subset of articles that are relevant to you whether it be limited to certain countries, languages or based on keywords.

Storedsearch allows you to register your searches in Opoint systems and receive a  feed with newly found articles matching the saved search profiles 

Results are delivered in one feed. You can either pull the content from the Storedsearch API or we can push the matching results directly to you. Articles are delivered with a Storedsearch ID matching the article to the search profile that generated the hit.  

Ready to Dive Deeper? 

For all the nuts and bolts, check out our  API documentation.

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