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Elevate Your Compliance Game with Unmatched Data Feeds

Staying ahead of the regulatory curve in the ever-evolving landscape of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements is a daunting task. Increasingly, this regulatory maze includes a focus on negative news screening to detect potential risks, particularly during the customer onboarding process. 

Streamlining AML and KYC Processes 

Compliance with AML and KYC regulations is crucial for risk management and avoiding financial crime. These frameworks aim to prevent illegal activities but can be complex and time-consuming for companies in the compliance sector. 

Your Data-Driven Solution for Enhanced Due Diligence 

Opoint offers a comprehensive suite of data solutions tailored for customer due diligence and compliance with regulatory requirements. With access to over 235,000 sources and 3,5 million articles found daily, our data sets the foundation for your AML and KYC news screening initiatives. 

Take Control of Your Compliance 

Why react when you can prevent? With Opoint’s AML/KYC solutions, you can take a proactive approach to compliance, ensuring your business is always in the clear. Contact us to learn more or schedule a free demo. 

Key Features for Compliance

Leverage our real-time adverse news feeds to monitor emerging threats and respond to developments effectively.

Global Coverage

Our fully global data feed, covering over 150 languages, ensures you don’t miss crucial developments in any country or region. 

Leverage enriched metadata for more nuanced risk assessments. 

Elevate Your Compliance and Risk Management

  • Enhanced Due Diligence: Integrate our data into your existing due diligence processes for a comprehensive view of potential risks.
  • Automated KYC Screening: Use our data to augment automated customer and transaction screening, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Utilise our data sets to generate more accurate and detailed reports, simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our extensive data sets provide the foundation for your compliance initiatives, enabling you to perform in-depth risk assessments and due diligence. 

Absolutely, integrate Opoint data into your existing systems with our flexible APIs, or access content directly through our OSINT tool and UI dashboard.

Absolutely. We prioritise accuracy and quality, ensuring you receive only the most reliable insights for your compliance needs. 

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