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Trading Signals

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In the high-stakes arena where milliseconds can make or break fortunes, staying a step ahead in trading—be it stocks, commodities, forex, or cryptotransforms you from a player to a powerhouse. 

Your Trading, Elevated 

Opoint delivers the world’s most comprehensive news feed. Benefit from access to +235K news sources around the globe, delivering up to 4 million stories a day from 220 jurisdictions. Don’t wait for the international agencies, get the news first, as it happens. Get ahead of the curve. 

Customise your data streams to suit your trading strategies. From commodity to forex, whether quant or algo, get the market-moving news you need to make informed decisions.  

How Data-Driven Trading Transforms Your Outcomes

  • Algo Trading: Enhance your algorithms with real-time data for more accurate trading signals. 
  • Cryptocurrencies: Stay ahead of market trends and shifts in the volatile crypto space. 
  • Equity and Stock Trading: Get real-time updates on stocks and equities to make timely investment decisions. 
  • Quantitative Trading: Leverage data analytics from news for more effective strategies.


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Why Choose Data-Driven Trading

Find Alpha Ahead of the Market

Gain a competitive edge by identifying profitable opportunities before they become mainstream. Be the first to capitalise on market inefficiencies. 

Utilise Powerful Monitoring Tools

Elevate your trading strategy with tools that pinpoint signals and trends the moment they arise. Make informed decisions, faster. 

Shield Yourself from Market Uncertainty

Mitigate risks by reducing your vulnerability to market volatility and potential threats. Trade with confidence and peace of mind. 

Your Questions, Answered

Opoint captures up to twice as many unique stories as our nearest competitor. Know about key events before your competition. Leading news aggregators deliver about 600K stories a day – we deliver up to 4 million. Can you afford to ignore 80% of the world’s news?

Absolutely, our data feeds are designed for seamless integration into your existing systems. 

Opoint has been curating its sources for the last 23 years. Our business is built upon capturing valuable news from respected local and international sources. 

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