Competitive Intelligence

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Cut through the noise with news monitoring

As an increasingly volatile business environment exposes companies to possible pitfalls on their pathway to sustained growth, firms are increasingly turning to competitive intelligence providers to cut through the chatter and deliver critical insights.

Whether leveraging crowd analytics to assess product performance or performing market analysis to inform development pathways, the field of competitive intelligence has evolved into a key method for assessing business performance and influencing high-level decision-making.

News is something Comintelli and Opoint know better than most. Opoint is proud to be the main source of global data and fortify Comintelli’s focus on quality and reliability, in their new solution for daily news, Intelligence2day®. In this webinar, Jesper Martell, CEO of Comintelli, and Toby Cook, Head of Risk at Opoint discuss how accurate news from a wide range of sources is a key to successful market intelligence.

Join the experts for an informal chat about these critical topics and learn how you can solve some of these challenges.


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