Elevating Media Intelligence: Novus Group’s Digital Transformation

Novus Groups Enhanced Online Content Monitoring: A Case Study

In the rapidly evolving digital media landscape of South Africa, Novus Group embarked on a transformative journey in early 2022 to enhance their online content monitoring capabilities. Their goal was to deliver advanced, accurate, and relevant media insights to their clients, a challenge that required a sophisticated and comprehensive solution.

Challenges and Objectives

Before partnering with Opoint, Novus Group grappled with several challenges:

  • Seamless Transition: Migrating from their previous providers without disrupting services was crucial.
  • Local and International Coverage: They needed extensive coverage that spanned both South African content and global sources.
  • Quality Control: The ability to filter out spam and irrelevant content was essential to provide clean, actionable insights.

The Solution

Opoint’s approach was multi-faceted and client-centric:

To ensure comprehensive local coverage, Opoint developed and deployed specialised crawlers tailored to the South African media landscape.

Leveraging over 230,000 international sources, Opoint provided Novus Group with an unparalleled breadth of content, with the flexibility to add new sources as needed.

Opoint’s advanced filtering mechanisms ensured the delivery of accurate, relevant, and clean content, free from spam and irrelevance.

Results and Benefits

The collaboration yielded significant benefits for Novus Group:

Reduced CRM Queries: The comprehensive and tailored content coverage led to a noticeable decrease in client queries, indicating higher satisfaction and trust.

World-Class Service Delivery: Novus Group was able to offer an international standard of online content monitoring from within South Africa, a notable achievement in the industry.

Exceptional Customer Service: Despite the geographical distance, Opoint provided real-time, responsive customer service, further strengthening the partnership.

Novus Group absolutely loves Opoint. The transition was smooth, and Opoint's attention to our specific needs, especially in adding relevant local content, was exceptional. Their service has not only been accurate and clean but also responsive and attentive, making them an invaluable partner in our journey to provide world-class content monitoring services.

Anri Schwim, Operations Manager @ Novus Group


Novus Group’s journey in enhancing their online content monitoring in South Africa is a testament to the power of digital transformation in the media industry. Their success story highlights the importance of quality, accuracy, and comprehensive coverage in today’s fast-paced media environment.

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