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Media Monitoring

Deliver Reliable Insights From Global News Data

If you are searching for a reliable and trustworthy provider of online news data and technology solutions for the media intelligence industry, look no further!

Our high-quality data, unmatched speed, and global coverage make us the industry standard and the best choice for those in the media monitoring and data analysis industry.

Improve your coverage of global news data with high-quality input. Sources can be added upon request.

Receive the news and matching metadata in a machine-readable format, easily integrated into your system.

Instant Delivery

Faster than the largest providers in the industry, Opoint delivers the news only moments after publication. 

Deliver insights and real-time updates or alerts to your customers by connecting directly to our online news data feed. The news is provided to you as soon as we find it, which enables you to implement the content in any application imaginable, using your local queries to filter and distribute the news.


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Opoint collects news from every corner of the web and turns it into clean and organised data feeds. We enrich the news from over 230,000 news sites with useful metadata and deliver it to you in a machine-readable format. If your application depends on real-time news content, this is the feed you are looking for.

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