Semantrum Strengthening Insights Amidst Adversity

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For nearly a decade, Semantrum has led media monitoring and analysis, leveraging artificial intelligence to redefine business approaches to public relations, online reputation management, and customer experience enhancement.

Established in 2014, Semantrum’s platform stands out globally for its deep text analysis and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Known for its innovation, Semantrum empowers organisations to master media intelligence complexities with its AI-driven system, crafted by experts passionate about transforming data into strategic insights.

The Challenge

Semantrum sought to widen its media coverage and embed extensive data analytics into its services, aiming to cater to its diverse clientele’s evolving needs and ambitions for European market expansion.

Additionally, the onset of the full-scale war in Ukraine introduced significant operational and strategic challenges, highlighting the critical need for robust media monitoring. Ensuring uninterrupted service, especially to key Ukrainian authorities like the Ministry of Defense, became paramount.

The Solution: Seamless Integration and Enhanced Capabilities

The Semantrum-Opoint partnership marks a significant milestone with the integration of Opoint’s vast global news data into Semantrum’s analytics platform. This move substantially broadens Semantrum’s media coverage, offering access to over 230,000 global news sites and enriching client insights with valuable metadata.

Key Benefits and Outcomes

Opoint’s extensive database empowers Semantrum to provide clients with wider international source insights, critical for strategic planning and global expansion.

Enhanced Analytical Depth

Integrating Opoint’s data feeds has strengthened Semantrum’s analytical power, offering clients deeper, more detailed media insights for informed decision-making.

Strategic Advantage in Adverse Conditions

This collaboration has been instrumental in maintaining high-quality service amidst Ukraine’s challenging conditions, ensuring continuous support for Semantrum’s clients.

The importance of data today is indiscussible, but the main difficulty today is to find a reliable partner. We are happy to establish our partnership with Opoint and looking forward to the common sustainable growth and success.

Olena Shabunina, Director @ Semantrum

Enhancing Media Insights

This partnership not only showcases the benefits of Opoint’s expansive media tracking tools but also Semantrum’s core strengths:

  • AI-Powered Analysis: Semantrum’s AI use for deep text analysis and media monitoring reaffirms its leadership in technology-driven strategic insights.
  • Client-Centric Innovation: The collaboration brings Semantrum’s mission to “Find business insights in open information” to life, offering even greater value to a wide range of clients.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Facing the challenges of war in Ukraine, Semantrum’s adaptability, supported by Opoint’s comprehensive data, ensures unwavering client success.

Client's Perspective and Future Outlook

This alliance bolsters Semantrum’s mission and highlights its core value of continuous learning. Clients enjoy enhanced AI-driven media insights, even in the toughest situations.

Looking ahead, Semantrum is excited to deepen its partnership with Opoint, exploring new analytical features and leveraging real-time news data for mutual growth. This collaboration stands as a powerful example of how strategic alliances can overcome challenges and achieve expansive market goals


The Semantrum-Opoint strategic alliance exemplifies the transformative power of merging advanced AI analysis with extensive global news coverage. This partnership not only boosts Semantrum’s capabilities but also cements its leadership in the media monitoring sector, dedicated to innovation, client success, and strategic growth amidst global challenges. Through this collaboration, Semantrum continues to deliver unmatched value to its clients, advancing its mission with every step.


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