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Dark & Deep Web

Unmask Hidden Dangers

Are you concerned about the safety of your sensitive data? Our Deep and Dark Web Monitoring solution is here to shine a light on emerging threats.

The dark and deep web is comprised of vast, unregulated spaces often used as a black market for sensitive information, posing significant risks to your personal and business security. At Opoint, we offer advanced Dark Web Monitoring, designed to protect your valuable data and provide peace of mind.  

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to monitoring the deep and dark web is comprehensive and proactive, which sets us apart. We don’t just wait for threats to emerge; we seek them out. 

Extensive Coverage

We monitor a vast array of platforms, including the Tor network, ZeroNet, pastebins, Discord, Telegram, IRC, and other marketplaces, networks, and speech platforms.  

Real-Time Alerts

Our system provides real-time alerts, allowing you to take immediate action on potential threats. 

Vast Data Collection

We meticulously gather data from over 16 million posts, articles, and documents each month, presenting a rich repository of information for you to analyse and derive insights from.

Real-world applications

Brand protection: Monitoring discussions around a brand or products on the dark web to identify potential threats or malicious activities.

Threat prevention and risk management: Identifying and analysing plans or discussions that might indicate an imminent threat or risk to a company, thereby allowing for early mitigation measures.

Threat intelligence gathering: Collecting and analysing data from the dark web to generate threat intelligence which can be used to enhance cybersecurity measures and responses.

Monitoring indicators of data breaches: Detecting indicators of a data breach on the dark web that might suggest a company’s data has been compromised, thus enabling prompt response to mitigate further damage.

Real-time monitoring of specific markets or discussions: Monitoring specific markets, forums, or discussions on the dark web in real time to gather insights on various illicit activities or trends that may be relevant to a company or law enforcement agencies.

Navigate the dark web with confidence

Stay ahead of emerging threats and safeguard your reputation with our advanced monitoring tools and expert team. We provide you with real-time alerts and actionable insights, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our monitoring services provide extensive coverage across various platforms including the Tor network, ZeroNet, pastebins, Discord, Telegram, IRC, and other marketplaces, networks, and speech platforms. We meticulously collect data from over 16 million posts, articles, and documents each month to provide a comprehensive view of the dark and deep web landscape.

Our system is designed to provide real-time alerts, ensuring that you are promptly notified of potential threats. This immediate notification allows you to take necessary actions swiftly, safeguarding your data and assets from emerging threats on the dark and deep web.

Our monitoring service allows for a high degree of customisation to meet your unique requirements. You can filter the data based on various parameters such as keywords, languages, countries, and more, ensuring that the information you receive is precisely tailored to your needs. This level of customisation allows for more focused monitoring, aligning closely with your security objectives.

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