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Is Your Compliance Strategy Complete?

Financial compliance is a critical aspect of modern business, and adverse media can’t be overlooked. Ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions and meet regulatory requirements. 

The Full Picture: Adverse Media

Adverse Media is more than just negative news. It’s a critical layer of information that can influence your financial decisions, reputation, and compliance. With regulators putting more weight on adverse media, the risk of overlooking it is one you can’t afford. 

Transform Your Financial Strategy with Adverse Media Screening

In an unpredictable financial environment, adverse media screening has evolved from a luxury to an essential tool. Whether you’re assessing the risk of a new client, staying ahead of market trends, or ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations, adverse media data provides the missing puzzle piece.  

Adverse media screening provides insights for confident decisions. It offers a real-time, holistic view of potential risks and opportunities that traditional financial metrics can’t capture. 


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The insights you need to make smarter financial choices

We sift through up to 4 million stories daily, offering you a news feed that’s twice as comprehensive as our nearest competitors. 

Access unmatched content from 230,000 outlets across 220 jurisdictions, and 120 languages, tailored for you.

Pinpoint Accuracy

In the high-stakes world of finance, there’s no room for mistakes. Our proprietary algorithms ensure you get only the most relevant and accurate news.

Your Questions, Answered

Our proprietary platform continuously refines and validates news sources, ensuring you get accurate and relevant information.

Absolutely, our data feeds are designed for seamless integration into your existing systems. 

Opoint captures up to twice as many unique stories as our nearest competitor. Know about key events before your competition. Leading news aggregators deliver about 600K stories a day – we deliver up to 4 million. Can you afford to ignore 80% of the world’s news? 

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