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Reliable readership figures used to be hard to get. Not anymore.

Assessing the reach and impact of articles is crucial for insightful analysis and evaluating an article’s worth. Our Readership metric is designed to offer valuable insights into the average number of readers an article attracts on the web, aiding in making data-driven decisions.

Key Benefits

Uncover Audience Reach

Our Readership metric analyses site visitor data and article lifespan to estimate the article’s reach and potential impact, showing how many likely saw it while public.

Optimise Engagement

Leverage our engagement metrics and user behaviour analytics to understand reader interactions. Then fine-tune content for maximum engagement and meaningful reader connections.

Enhance Decision-Making

Utilise our enriched metrics to understand article performance, aiding in effective content strategy assessment and informed decision-making for better results.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In the dynamic online landscape, staying ahead of the competition is essential. With our readership metrics, you gain valuable insights that enable you to refine content strategies and outshine your rivals. By understanding audience reach, optimising engagement, and making data-driven decisions, you position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Product Details


Discover the average readership of any web article with this crucial metric in media analysis. By blending web traffic data and average article lifespan per site, we estimate an article’s visibility probability to each unique visitor. Comparable to print readership and broadcast ratings, this metric is exclusive to Opoint.

Monthly Unique Visitors

A reflection of an article’s potential readership, Monthly Unique Visitors is adjusted by analysing the average visits per visitor against the article’s average lifespan on each site, ensuring a realistic estimate per article.

Site Ranking

Distinguish quality articles with our Site Ranking feature. High-quality websites, assessed based on visitor count, publication volume, source type, and name recognition, receive higher scores, reflecting the quality of content. Site Ranking is available on both global and country levels. You can view the rankings in the Portal, where you can also export the information.

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Readership is the most used metric in media analysis. Opoint’s readership data for online news readership is the most accurate way to measure online news readership – and is only available from Opoint. 

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