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Want to Know How Far Your Content Travel?

Gauge the true reach and impact of your content. From press releases to op-eds and news articles, we’ve got all your tracking needs covered.

Why Choose Opoint's Tracking?

  • Precision Matching: Our advanced algorithms compare your uploaded content with articles across the web, providing a matching score for each. 
  • Flexible Thresholds: You control the matching score threshold, ensuring you only get the articles that are most relevant to you. 
  • Real-Time Updates: Receive a feed of matching articles as they are published, so you’re always in the know. 

How it Works

Simply upload your content via FTP or our API. We’ll do the heavy lifting, comparing your articles to new content and delivering real-time matches based on your criteria.

Why You'll Love Opoint's Tracking

Tailored Matching

Our advanced algorithms compare your uploaded content with articles across the web, providing a matching score for each. 

Flexible Thresholds

Set your own matching score thresholds. We make sure you only see the articles that are most relevant to you.

Stay in the Loop

With our real-time alerts, you’re always the first to know when your content gets published elsewhere.

Enhanced Insights with Readership

Discover not just where your content travels, but how it engages. By integrating Readership with our Tracking service, you gain a deeper understanding of your content’s performance.

This feature measures your articles’ readership, aiding in refining your content strategy and assessing brand reputation impact.

With the precise matching and real-time updates of Tracking, you get a robust toolkit to optimise your content’s digital journey.

Scoring, Simplified

Maximum Score: A score of 100 means your content was republished in its entirety. 

High Score: If a large part of your original text is found in another article, it will receive a high score. 

Real-World Applications

  • Track Your Press Releases: Know exactly where your press releases are making an impact.
  • Monitor Content Syndication: See how your content is being shared or cited across platforms.
  • Manage Your Reputation: Keep a pulse on how your brand or products are being discussed in real-time.


Technical Specifications 

For more in-depth information on how to set up and use the Tracking API, please refer to our Tracking API Documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Opoint Tracking service you can upload articles to our system and get a feed containing matching articles. This can for instance be used to track the spread of press releases.  

Articles are given a score based on their similarity with the uploaded article. Identical content gives the maximum score of 100. If parts of the original text are used in articles, the score reflects this.  
The default threshold is a score of 20, but it can be adjusted on request. 

Articles will be delivered in a feed that can either be pushed to you by FTP or be pulled from our API using the StoredSearch API.  

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