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The most important metric in media analysis is now available from Opoint Technology.

How we cracked the code

Reliable readership figures are hard to acquire, especially when it comes to online news. The measurement methods differ from country to country, and the task of updating the data is never-ending. That is why we set out to create a credible and applicable readership value that not only applies to global news content but also matches similar metrics already in use in the media intelligence industry.

By combining web traffic data from SimilarWeb with statistical data from our own global news archive we have successfully produced a logical, uniform, and comprehensible metric that gives you the potential readership of any online article. Use it in your daily news briefs or monthly analyses to emphasise the reach of each mention. The figures are directly comparable to readership figures on print media and viewership figures on broadcast content, and we can deliver directly in your Opoint news feed.

Product details

This metric – the most commonly used metric in media analysis – shows you the potential number of readers of any article on the web.

Monthly Unique Visitors is a good indication of the potential number of readers of an article. However, the news cycle is not static, and articles are rarely visible on a site for a full month, so it doesn’t make sense to count every unique visitor as a potential reader.

At Opoint we compare the number of visits made by the average monthly unique visitor to the average lifetime of an article on each individual site. By doing so we can calculate the probability that an article will be visible on the site at the same time that a unique visitor visits the site. That probability is multiplied by the number of monthly unique visitors to calculate the actual potential readership.

“Knowing that hundreds of thousands of users around the world depend on the content provided by Opoint Technology, we put all our efforts into maintaining a high quality, stable deliveries and the best customer support in the market.”

Jon Anders Tangnes, COO at Opoint Technology

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