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Advanced analytics

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Are you looking to make more informed decisions based on your media data? Opoint’s Advanced Analytics offers you real-time insights that drive results. Transform how you analyse media and stay ahead in a competitive market. 

Your Toolkit for Success

Deliver insights and real-time updates or alerts to your customers by connecting directly to our online news data feed. The news is provided to you as soon as we find it. It enables you to implement the content in any application imaginable, using your local queries to filter and distribute the news.

Apply Opoint’s metadata tagging, including Topic and Entity detection, to unlock a deeper understanding of your media landscape and power more accurate predictions.

Gauge the reach of your news articles. Comparable to traditional print and broadcast figures, this data empowers you to understand your impact and adjust your strategies for maximum reach and engagement. 

Unlock real-time sentiment insights at both article and entity levels with our Advanced Analytics. Fine-tune your strategies and stay ahead of public opinion.

Enhance Analytics with Customer Review Data

Analytics are the backbone of informed decision-making. Our Reviews API integrates seamlessly into your existing analytics tools, adding a layer of customer sentiment data that can be invaluable for your clients.

Key Benefits:

  • Sentiment Metrics: Add a new KPI to your analytics by tracking customer sentiment across multiple brands.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Help your clients make informed strategies by incorporating review data into analytics.

RealTime Metadata: Your Secret Weapon 

Our Advanced Analytics offering equips you with real-time metadata, seamlessly integrated into your media feeds. Whether you’re monitoring global news or niche markets, our metadata transforms your approach to data analysis. 

Make DataDriven Decisions: The Power is Yours 

We provide the metadata; you make the analysis that drives the decisions. Whether you’re planning your next big campaign or allocating resources, our metadata offers the foundation you need to make informed choices. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Opoint’s Advanced Analytics streamlines real-time insights from vast media data, enabling swift and informed decisions. Its real-time updates and alerts ensure you stay ahead in a competitive market.

Utilising Opoint’s metadata tagging, including Topic and Entity detection, you can unlock a more precise understanding of your media landscape, aiding more accurate predictions and insights.

With features like Readership, Opoint provides comparable metrics to traditional print and broadcast figures, enabling you to gauge your news articles’ reach and adjust strategies for maximum engagement.

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