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Maximise Content Reach Without the Guesswork

Streamline your media strategy with Opoint’s precise tracking—gain a competitive edge for press and news agencies alike. Capture your audience’s attention, safeguard your content, and drive impactful engagement. Embrace the advantage of informed, strategic content deployment.

Transform Your Content Strategy with Opoint

  • Instant Engagement Insights: Quickly understand audience reactions to optimize content.
  • Maximise Reach: Access unparalleled data across 230,000+ sources for global coverage.
  • Easy Start: Begin enhancing your strategy with our user-friendly interface today.

Discover the Future of Content Strategy

Enhance your content’s reach with Opoint’s precise tracking — gain strategic insights and elevate your presence effortlessly.

Advanced detection safeguards your intellectual property, providing peace of mind in a competitive landscape.

With our real-time alerts, you’re always the first to know when your content gets published elsewhere.

Empowering Visibility in Media

Ritzaus Bureau, a cornerstone of Danish journalism, supercharged its content oversight with Opoint. Facing the challenge of monitoring widespread distribution, they needed a solution to track extensive use and protect their valued content.

Partnering with Opoint elevated their approach. Our advanced tracking tools provided real-time insights into content distribution, safeguarded against unauthorised use, and unlocked new opportunities for licensing agreements.

The result? A transformative boost in content visibility and strategic decision-making, backed by Opoint’s unparalleled data access and sophisticated technology.

Opoint's tracking is pivotal for our metrics-driven approach, giving us clarity on content utilisation and influence. It's essential for supporting quality journalism in today's digital landscape.

Line Jakobsen, Head of News and Director at Ritzaus Bureau

Amplify Engagement with Readership

Track your content’s true influence with Opoint’s Readership feature. Get immediate, insightful metrics on engagement to sharpen your strategy and magnify your brand’s impact. With our real-time tracking, your content’s digital footprint becomes crystal clear.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the Opoint Tracking service you can upload articles to our system and get a feed containing matching articles. This can for instance be used to track the spread of press releases.  

Articles are given a score based on their similarity with the uploaded article. Identical content gives the maximum score of 100. If parts of the original text are used in articles, the score reflects this.  
The default threshold is a score of 20, but it can be adjusted on request. 

Articles will be delivered in a feed that can either be pushed to you by FTP or be pulled from our API using the StoredSearch API.  

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